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Archivists bring back the OUYA marketplace

Posted by Bret Hudson November 27, 2019

The server replacement allows OUYA consoles to once again browse the OUYA games library

YoYo Games to permanently delete the legacy GMC archive

Posted by Bret Hudson November 23, 2019

In an effort to decrease outdated examples from search results, YYG will soon purge the archives

OGMO Editor 3 CE released, interview with the devs

Posted by Bret Hudson November 21, 2019

We sat down with the developers behind the latest iteration of the 2D level editor

YoYo Games hosts game jam to celebrate GameMaker's 20th anniversary

Posted by Bret Hudson November 13, 2019

Developers have a week to create a game using the theme "20" for the software's 20th anniversary

IndieCade 2018 festival nominees announced

Posted by Bret Hudson September 24, 2018

A roster of over 100 titles and the return of Night Games kicks off the second decade of IndieCade

Nintendo Switch export for GameMaker Studio 2 enters open beta

Posted by Bret Hudson August 10, 2018

Nintendo Developers can sign up for the beta to try out the new export before its September launch

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