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IndieCade 2018 festival nominees announced

Posted by Bret Hudson September 24, 2018

A roster of over 100 titles and the return of Night Games kicks off the second decade of IndieCade

Nintendo Switch export for GameMaker Studio 2 enters open beta

Posted by Bret Hudson August 10, 2018

Nintendo Developers can sign up for the beta to try out the new export before its September launch

GameMaker Studio 2.1.5 update

Posted by Bret Hudson August 3, 2018

YoYo Games releases an update with a plethora of bug fixes and some handy new features

Kongregate to launch desktop games portal

Posted by Bret Hudson March 11, 2018

Kartridge launches summer 2018 as a platform to publish indie games

GameMaker Studio 1.4 "End of Life" upgrade discount

Posted by Bret Hudson March 4, 2018

Developers who haven't yet upgraded from 1.4 can currently save 30% on GMS2

Game Jolt Partners

Posted by Bret Hudson December 6, 2016

YouTubers and Twitch streamers can sign up for a new revenue share program

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