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August 19, 2020 • Tools

GameMaker Studio 2.3.0 Released

Posted by Bret Hudson

After an extensive beta, this release packs tons of new features and quality-of-life changes to speed up and improve development in the engine

July 22, 2020 • Interviews / Games

Interview with Pond Games' Daniel Freer on developing RITE

Posted by Bret Hudson

Daniel Freer reflects on RITE development, shares details of designing levels and art, and the future of Pond Games

July 18, 2020 • Events

A MAZE. goes digital July 22-25 in a downloadable, virtual space

Posted by Bret Hudson

Between the downloadable A MAZE. Space and other avenues, attendees can look forward to a week full of games, talks, music, and workshops

June 7, 2020 • Games / Bundles hosts bundle to raise money for racial justice and equality

Posted by Bret Hudson

The bundle contains 740+ indie releases with all proceeds being donated to legal defense and bail funds for the Black Lives Matter protests

May 20, 2020 • Tools

King open sources the Defold game engine

Posted by Bret Hudson

Developers now have access to customize and extend the cross-platform game engine

May 8, 2020 • Tools

PICO-8 is now in beta

Posted by Bret Hudson

The PICO-8 fantasy console moves closer to its final state with new features and improvements

May 4, 2020 • Resources

Unity makes Learn Premium free for 3 months

Posted by Bret Hudson

Learn how to make games and utilize the Unity game engine for free until June 20th, 2020

April 25, 2020 • Tools

GameMaker Studio 2.3 Beta release & features overview

Posted by Bret Hudson

IDE changes, new resource types, and additions to GML bring more power and flexibility to developers

March 27, 2020 • Events / Jams

GDC Relief Jam starts now

Posted by Bret Hudson

All works from the game jam will be sold in a Pay-What-You-Want bundle, with proceeds going to the GDC Relief Fund

February 29, 2020 • Events

GDC 2020 postponed - and what that means for you

Posted by Bret Hudson

Find out about ticket refunds, alternative events, and relief efforts to help provide funds for developers and studios

January 12, 2020 • Preservation

Kongregate partners with The Strong to preserve Flash games

Posted by Bret Hudson

The partnership will allow The Strong to download and preserve Flash games after Adobe discontinues Flash Player later this year

January 11, 2020 • Events / Awards

IGF 2020 Nominees Announced

Posted by Bret Hudson

The finalists for this year's Independent Games Festival include Untitled Goose Game, A Short Hike, and Mutazione

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