Games / Bundles hosts bundle to raise money for racial justice and equality

Over $1.6 million has been raised for legal defense and bail funds's Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality contains over 740 games, tools, and other projects, which are all available for a minimum donation of $5.

Over 560 creators have donated their creations to the bundle, which currently has over $3,600 USD worth of games and tools. All proceeds from the bundle will be donated to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund. The split will be 50/50.

At the time of posting, the bundle has raised nearly $1.6 million, with a current stretch goal of $2 million. $1 million was raised within 24 hours by over 100,000 contributors.

With hits such as Night in the Woods, MINIT, Oxenfree, Super Hexagon, A Mortician's Tale, Overland, and ART SQOOL, as well as hundreds more of fantastic indie titles, anyone who helps the cause is sure to find a few new games they will love.

For creators who wish to contribute to the bundle, a forum thread has been put up with instructions on how to join the bundle. is prioritizing paid works over titles that are already available for free on the platform.

The bundle is only available until June, so hurry up and donate to the bundle today to help make a difference.