Interview with Pond Games' Daniel Freer on developing RITE

July 20, 2020

Daniel Freer reflects on RITE development, shares details of designing levels and art, and the future of Pond Games hosts bundle to raise money for racial justice and equality

June 7, 2020

The bundle contains 740+ indie releases with all proceeds being donated to legal defense and bail funds for the Black Lives Matter protests

YoYo Games releases three free GameMaker games on Raspberry PI

February 15, 2016

YoYo Games gives away games to gauge interest in a Raspberry PI export for GameMaker: Studio

Flippfly's Prototype Showdown

December 16, 2015

Play and vote on 16 different prototypes from Flippfly to decide which becomes a full game

IndieCade 2015 day 2 recap

October 28, 2015

Day two of IndieCade was a busy one! Check out our favorite games we found on Saturday.

IndieCade 2015 day 1 recap

October 24, 2015

We share our favorite games and events from the first day of IndieCade

Humble Weekly Bundle GameMaker

September 19, 2015

Over a dozen games come in the latest Humble Bundle - complete with their source code!