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Broadcast #91 Part 1

Aired September 12, 2020

Guests: (LimboLane) Yugo Limbo & Gabe Lane
Running Time: 44 minutes
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Yugo Limbo & Gabe Lane join Bret & Ian to discuss their nod-and-shake adventure, Smile For Me, along with designing a minimal, yet expressive format for interacting with the game's world, the challenges it presented, and the considerations developers need to keep in mind when designing Kind Games.

Broadcast #91 Part 2

Aired September 19, 2020

Guests: (LimboLane) Yugo Limbo & Gabe Lane
Running Time: 56 minutes
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In part 2, we continue our conversation with LimboLane, discussing Smile For Me's epilogue, the community that has emerged around the game, designing fun websites, method acting, and what's next for the studio.