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Game Jolt Partners

Video Creators Now Have Better Access To New Indie Games

Game Jolt has taken strides in becoming an all-in-one game development, release, feedback, and marketing hub. In the last year alone, they've released a desktop client, hosted a booth at GDC with games from the site, and launched a commercial marketplace for developers to sell their games on the platform. 2016 isn't quite over, and they have one more thing to get out before the year ends: Game Jolt Partners.

Game Jolt Partners is simple: developers can put their games on the platform, and registered YouTube and Twitch channels have access to the game to use for a review. The video creators receive a 10% revenue share on any purchase of the game that was generated through their video. Sounds like a win-win situation, eh?

Any registered channel has access to every game that joins the program, cutting out time spent applying and waiting for keys. To keep the system from being abused, there is currently a threshold for video creators wishing to sign up: YouTube channels must have 50,000 subscribers and an average of 3,000 views/video, while Twitch channels must have 3,000 followers and more than 50 concurrent viewers, or be a Twitch Partner. Developers can add their games to the program via their dashboard, under the details tab.

Found out more and apply to the program on the Game Jolt Partners page.