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Game Jolt marketplace opens with over 20 games

Paid games have been added to the mix!

You heard that right! Officially announced last month on indie(Radio);, the Game Jolt Marketplace became reality earlier this week, with two exclusive games that can only be bought on the site. Hopefully it's pretty self explanatory, but we'll walk you through what this means for Game Jolt, developers, and you.

"We set out to create a new kind of marketplace, one that is focused on community, where we all care about each other's success."

While many of Game Jolt's most frequent users are nervous about the addition of paid games to the site, they can rest knowing that Game Jolt will still be the same place it's always been, with tons of free games available. They're just adding a new section so the community can support some of their favorite developers pursue a career in game development!

So how's money being handled? Game Jolt takes care of taxes, including VAT, so you can focus purely on making games and releasing them. You can give Game Jolt up to 10% of your earnings, giving you flexibility on how much you receive from every purchase. Additionally, players can buy a game for more than the asking price, if they really love the developer.

Before you transfer your earnings to your bank account, it gets put in your Game Jolt Wallet, which has previously only held revenue from ads on the site. Now, the Wallet also has a second purpose: you can use your earnings to buy other games directly. When using your GJ Wallet balance, all the money goes to the developer, without Game Jolt taking a cut. Nice!

Thanks to Game Jolt's package manager, you can sell more than just your game. If you want to add a virtual artbook, the game's soundtrack, more levels, or some sweet DLC, you can sell those separately on the page. And as always, for those using the Game Jolt Client to download games, games are automatically updated when new versions are released.

All of this is free to developers, but not all of them yet. Right now, Game Jolt is testing the waters by allowing access to a select number of developers before they open the gates to everyone. Game Jolt hasn't released an official date on when the rest of the community's vast number of developers can start selling their games, but it'll be soon!

Go check out the games over on the Game Jolt Marketplace today!