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Game Jolt Client preview released

Game Jolt becomes easier than ever to use with a new native client

The film industry wasn't the only one who had an amazing addition this weekend. Game Jolt released a preview version of the long fabled Game Jolt Client, a standalone application that gives access to the entire site, as well as provides an easy way to download, install, and manage games, a messy process for anyone used to downloading freeware games from the web. Nothing is more annoying than downloading a new version of a game and having to copy over the correct save files while being careful not to break anything.

The preview already has a plethora of features available, including auto-updates (for both games installed and the client itself), one click play, offline mode, HTML support, and the entirety of Game Jolt somehow compressed and contained inside a single window. The full features list as well as downloads for Linux, Mac, and Windows can be found at