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Nintendo Switch export for GameMaker Studio 2 enters open beta

GameMaker Studio 2 will now have exports to all major consoles

GameMaker Studio 2 definitely hasn't been on vacation this summer, with a new open beta beginning for GameMaker developers looking to export to Nintendo Switch coming just a week after YoYo Games pushed the 2.1.5 update, adding tons of new functionality to the engine. To request access to the beta, users simply have to fill out the form on Nintendo's GameMaker middleware webpage, which requires the user to be a registered Nintendo Developer.

After approval, one of two licenses is required to access the export module. Both licenses are valid for 12 months, with the Nintendo Switch license costing $799, and the Ultimate license costing $1,500. The Ultimate license gives access to all export options. The export is expected to graduate from beta in September.

General manager at YoYo Games, James Cox, had the following to say:

"Since announcing our relationship with Nintendo to launch the GameMaker Studio 2 Nintendo Switch licence edition, we've been contacted by over 1,000 developers who want to bring their GameMaker titles onto Nintendo's record-breaking console. We've already seen the first wave of GameMaker Studio 2 titles announced for Nintendo Switch, including Hyper Light Drifter, Minit and Undertale, and we're excited to see the massive range of GameMaker Studio 2 content that will be launching on the platform."

For full details, check out YoYo Games' official announcement.