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GameMaker Studio 2.1.5 update

Bug fixes, IDE features, and runtime improvements

With Ludum Dare just around the corner, YoYo Games has pushed out the new update of GameMaker Studio just in time, giving creators a week to try out the new features before putting them to the test in the triannual weekend game jam.

The YoYo Games team's main focus during the development of this update was to improve the stability of the engine, with over 180 issues across both the IDE and the runtimes being fixed, including fixes for the iOS audio crash issues, project saving bugs, and various memory protection problems. The licensing server, which has been giving some issues trouble, has been patched, now offering bettering security against DDoS attacks and improving the offline usage of the GMS2. Users may have to sign in again upon upgrading, but shouldn't have any further hassle with their licenses.

Some of the hottest new features include Android 64bit architecture builds, new collision functions which return a list of all colliders, support for Google Cloud Sync, and victual keyboard functions for iOS, Android, and UWP. Check out the official blog post and the release notes to view the full list of additions and improvements in the 2.1.5 release.