PICO-8 is now in beta

Creating games with the fantasy console becomes even more fun

Posted by Bret Hudson May 8, 2020

Category: Tools | Tags: pico-8, virtual-console, tools

The popular virtual console PICO-8, emulating the restrictions games and their developers faced in the 1980s, has released a massive beta update, dubbed 0.2, which is packed to the brim with goodies and features.

The core of PICO-8 - the api, cpu counting, specs, cart format, memory layout, and program behavior - is being "frozen" with this release. That means that, unless necessary, these core aspects of the console are not going to change going forward. All future releases will be backwards-compatible with cartridges created from here on out.

zep (Joseph White), creator of PICO-8, on the latest release:

I'm really happy with the way the last pieces of PICO-8 have snapped together, and I think it has reached a point where it feels not only like it should never need to change, but that it never could have been any other way.

The latest release includes a full 8-bit character set, an sfx/music organizer, new operators for math and bitwise operations, api changes, revamped demos, shape drawing tools, and plenty more.

Read the beta announcement post for details on all the wonderful new additions to the console, and keep an eye on the #pico8 Twitter hashtag on Twitter to browse countless examples of people pushing the console to its limits.