Bret Hudson

indie(Function); CEO, lead web designer & developer, host of indie(Radio);, and one of those aspiring indie game developers.

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indie(Function); CEO, Founder, and Final Boss

indie(Function); Website Lead developer/designer

indie(Bulletin); Editor

indie(Radio); Host

Indie Power Mag Editor/Lead Writer

indie(Videos); Tutorial Creator

Recent Blog Posts

Game Jolt Partners

Posted by Bret Hudson December 6, 2016

YouTubers and Twitch streamers can sign up for a new revenue share program

Unity 5.5 Has Entered the Public

Posted by Bret Hudson December 1, 2016

Unity now comes packed with Hololens support, improved renderers, and more.

GameMaker Studio 2 Beta Game Jam

Posted by Bret Hudson November 30, 2016

YoYo Games hosts the first GMS2 game jam, running from Nov 30th to Dec 13th

GameMaker Studio 2 Announcement, Beta, Pricing

Posted by Bret Hudson November 12, 2016

The latest version of the game development software is packed with new features

YoYo Games Teases GameMaker: Studio 2.0 With New 12 Second Video

Posted by Bret Hudson October 12, 2016

YoYo Games launches #Time2MeetYourMaker campaign, possibly for a new 2.0 of GM:S

GameMaker Community Relaunched

Posted by Bret Hudson June 20, 2016

After a three month wait, YoYo Games has revived the GMC forums

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