Bret Hudson

indie(Function); CEO, lead web designer & developer, host of indie(Radio);, and one of those aspiring indie game developers.

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indie(Function); CEO, Founder, and Final Boss

indie(Function); Website Lead developer/designer

indie(Bulletin); Editor

indie(Radio); Host

Indie Power Mag Editor/Lead Writer

indie(Videos); Tutorial Creator

Recent Blog Posts

Kongregate to launch desktop games portal

Posted by Bret Hudson March 11, 2018

Kartridge launches summer 2018 as a platform to publish indie games

GameMaker Studio 1.4 End of Life Upgrade Discount

Posted by Bret Hudson March 4, 2018

Developers who haven't yet upgraded from 1.4 can currently save 30% on GMS2

Game Jolt Partners

Posted by Bret Hudson December 6, 2016

YouTubers and Twitch streamers can sign up for a new revenue share program

Unity 5.5 Has Entered the Public

Posted by Bret Hudson December 1, 2016

Unity now comes packed with Hololens support, improved renderers, and more.

GameMaker Studio 2 Beta Game Jam

Posted by Bret Hudson November 30, 2016

YoYo Games hosts the first GMS2 game jam, running from Nov 30th to Dec 13th

GameMaker Studio 2 Announcement, Beta, Pricing

Posted by Bret Hudson November 12, 2016

The latest version of the game development software is packed with new features

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