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GameMaker Studio 2.3.0 Released

The popular 2D game engine gets even more powerful

Released into beta earlier this year, GameMaker Studio 2.3.0 opens the doors for developers by redesigning the IDE and adding plenty of powerful new features. Among some of the largest additions are Sequences, enhancements to GameMaker Language, and a revamped Asset Manager, helping keep projects organized.

With version 2.3 of GameMaker we've not only changed the best practices for doing almost everything in GML, but with new features like Sequences and Animation Curve we've introduced incredibly powerful new tools which continue to open-up GameMaker Studio 2 to people who are less experienced with code and who prefer a more visual approach to making games. This ability to synchronise audio and animation and invoke instances of it at any point through game logic is going to increasingly add a huge amount of polish to games, by giving content creators a very high level of control over how their designs are implemented within the game.

Stuart Poole, General Manager, YoYo Games

YoYo Games has posted a full list of changes the update brings to the table, helping developers migrate from prior versions of the software. To upgrade, launch GameMaker Studio 2 and follow the on-screen prompts. For those who don't have the software, it can be downloaded on the YoYo Games site.