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Archivists bring back the OUYA marketplace

Over 1,000 OUYA games are once again available to install

Earlier this year, on June 25th, the OUYA servers shut down permanently, removing the ability to download new games from OUYA consoles. On November 22nd, Christian Weiske released an OUYA server replacement to revive the OUYA games library.

In an extensive write-up, Weiske documents the console's history and its revival efforts. Shortly after the servers were shut down, a Discord server called OUYA saviors showed up with a group hoping to restore the OUYA's functionality. With their findings, and the backup of games put together by Jason Scott of the Internet Archive, Weiske was able to create the server replacement, which gives users access to over 1,000 games.

While the games have been recovered, there is still work to be done. As of right now, the games are all stuck in demo mode, as the console has no way to verify if a user has "purchased" the full version of a game. OUYA owners can head to the OUYA API server homepage to find instructions how to get their console connected and running once again.