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Kongregate to launch desktop games portal

New platform Kartridge offers developers complete control

After many years of providing a website to publish Flash and HTML5 games within the browser and on your mobile device, Kongregate has decided to take the next step and join the likes of Steam, Origin, Game Jolt, and by giving creators a new platform this summer to publish desktop-based games: Kartridge.

Kartridge Homepage

Kartridge aims to emulate what Kongregate currently offers as a site: a free to upload, community and developer oriented platform that is enticing to both players and developers. Kartridge is currently finding the best incentives for smaller developers, such as not taking the industry standard 30% revenue cut until after the first $10,000.

Many exciting features are planned for such as a social hub for each game to discuss strategies, customizable store pages for games, and multiple pricing structures. Developers can publish free-to-play, pay what you want, and ad-based titles to the service.

More information about Kartridge and its offerings can be found on the official Kongregate blog,