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GameMaker Studio 1.4 "End of Life" upgrade discount

GameMaker Studio 1.4 to GMS2 upgrades are 30% off

Following last year's announcement that YoYo Games will be discontinuing support for GameMaker Studio 1.4, YoYo Games has announced a sale for users still using the old version to upgrade to GameMaker Studio 2. Version 1.4 will officially cease being supported on the 31st of July later this year. Depending on how soon a user upgrades, the discount will vary.

Users can secure a 30% discount in March, a 25% discount in April and May, and a 20% discount in June and July. After then, users will have to pay the full price to upgrade to GMS2. Users should note that these discounts only apply to the Android, iOS, HTML, Professional, UWP and Master GMS 1.4 licences.

To upgrade, simply make sure your YoYo Games account has your 1.4 license, and then go to YoYo Games' products page.

For users who are well under way with their current project in GMS 1.4, YoYo Games does provide information in the GMS2 FAQ that explains how importing your projects into the new version will upgrades your scripts to make sure they continue to work with minimal tweaking.

To find out more about the upgrade path and what GMS2 has to offer, check out the official YoYo Games blog post.