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GameMaker Studio 2 Beta Game Jam

GMS2 is still in beta, but that doesn't mean you can't already make a game!

YoYo Games sent out their second GameMaker Studio 2: Beta newsletter earlier today to share exciting news about the transition to GMS2. Among the items was an announcement for the first game jam using the new software, hosted on

The game jam has already started and runs until December 13th at 11:59 PM, GMT, giving developers two whole weeks to get acquaintance with the new tools within GameMaker while they create a game around "Arena," the theme chosen for the jam. YoYo Games also has an added criteria for developers to try to use the new tile mapping features as much as possible in their submissions. Games will be judged internally by YoYo Games, and the winner will be receiving a custom made trophy, along with the top three developers getting GMS2 goody packs. It should be noted in order to submit to the jam, developers must upload both their compiled executable, as well as the project files.

While the jam overlaps both Ludum Dare #37 and the ever busy holiday season, we hope to see a good handful of developers showcase their skills and how quickly a team can ship a polished product with the revamped GameMaker Studio 2.