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YoYo Games releases three free GameMaker games on Raspberry PI

Vlambeer, Locomalito and 2Dcube games available on Raspberry Pi

Last month, YoYo Games began gauging interest in a GameMaker: Studio export to the Raspberry PI platform. With Raspberry PI devices as cheap as $5 USD, they make a great, affordable piece of tech to play around with and make experiments for. While it's not yet certain YoYo Games will release a public version of the export, the results of their Twitter poll seem promising.

With almost two-thirds of voters wanting to use the export for fun or publishing, YoYo Games has incentive now to pursue the avenue. So much incentive, they've teamed up with 2Dcube, Vlambeer, Locomalito, and has ported They Need To Be Fed, Super Crate Box, Maldita Castilla to Raspberry PI. Download links and instructions to install to your device are available at YoYo Games asks that users do not distribute the files, but redirect their friends to the download page so they can track statistics, so they can see interest in numbers.