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Train Jam sponsored tickets

Cards Against Humanity sponsors tickets for Train Jam 2016

With events and initiatives like Girls Make Games, Girl Scouts of America's Make a Game, and GaymerX, it's become obvious that a large part of the gaming and game development communities consist of non-male and non-gender binary individuals. The notion that games and their development is a "boy's club" is ridiculous. Train Jam knows that, and has taken an extra step to provide sponsored tickets for under-represented genders in the games community, to show that everyone in the world, regardless of background or identity, has fantastic games waiting to be found within them.

These sponsored tickets, made possible by Cards Against Humanity, are available to those who "identify as female, gender fluid, non-binary, agender, or otherwise non-male." For those who would like to receive a ticket, you can apply by Friday, January 29th at 11:59pm PST using this form; however, not all applicants will be selected, as there are a select number of sponsored tickets available. To read the original post and find out more about Train Jam, visit the official Train Jam website.