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HandmadeCon 2015 announcement

A day full of learning from some of the best game programmers

Casey Muratori, the host of the Handmade Hero tutorial series, has announced a programming conference this December, in Seattle, Washington, featuring talks from game developers whose brains he wants to pick.

Handmade Hero is a tutorial series that streams US weeknights on Twitch, covering the creation of an entire video game 100% from scratch using the C++ language and absolutely no engines or APIs. That's right, they get their hands dirty and write their own pixel buffer, among every single other system the game uses, learning about not just the implementation and development process, but also tidbits of programming wisdom Muratori sprinkles throughout the series.

HandmadeCon is "like everything else on Handmade Hero, is designed and implemented entirely from scratch[..]" Muratori aims to bring that spirit to a live venue. The conference will not be crammed tight with PowerPoint presentations, says Muratori, but instead face-to-face chats, with audience participation, to talk to the speakers about their programming beliefs, methodologies, and projects.

The conference takes place December 5th at the Seattle Public Library from 10 AM to 6 PM. Tickets are $45, but on sale for $35 until November 5th. For more information and an email list sign-up for weekly updates about Handmade everything, we're going to redirect you to the official announcement post, another one of Muratori's fantastic write-ups full of witty tangents, over at