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Humble Weekly Bundle GameMaker

Play, make, and dissect games in the latest Humble Bundle

We've got some great news for those who like learning from other's people work instead of needlessly reinventing the wheel. Humble Bundle has teamed up with YoYo Games and a handful of developers who use the company's game development software, GameMaker: Studio. Not only can you pick up to a dozen great games developed with GameMaker: Studio for a fraction of their normal price through the bundle, but you also receive the source code for each.

Don't own GameMaker: Studio? Don't fret it. So long as you pay at least $6, you'll receive the professional edition of the software, which is normally priced at $149.99. Willing to pay $12? If so, you'll also get a key for the Android export module.

For those who don't currently have any money to throw at this amazing deal, Humble Bundle is also offering two free games with source code: L'Abbaye des Morts and Spelunky Classic. At the time of this posting, there's five days left to pick up this bundle. Head over to the Humble Weekly Bundle page to get playing, making, and learning.