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Indies VS Gamers Game Jam

Game Jolt gives players a stab at the glory in a new kind of game jam

Game Jolt has always been focused on making itself not only a place for games, but a place for game developers and players to get together, chat, and have interactions not available on other game sites. They're taking this a step further with their latest game jam, Indies VS Gamers.

In Indies VS Gamers, developers will create a game in 72 hours, much like any ordinary game jam, revolving around the theme announced at the beginning of the jam (July 17th at 12 AM, EST).

Now, where does this get interesting? Game Jolt is requiring all participants to incorporate at least one online scoreboard in their game, using the Game Jolt API. With this comes part two of the jam, where the massive gamer community on Game Jolt gets their chance to shine.

Indies VS Gamers Promotional Art

Besides the fact that the players hold power over the jam (whoever has the highest rated game at the end wins), players can also compete against each other in each game, with the top 10 high scores of each winning game being shown on the jam page. Not bad, 'eh?

Oh, and how could we forget? The top five winners get their games played by YouTube superstars PewDiePie, Markiplier, and Jacksepticeye. That means a lot of eyes are going to see your game.

You can find more information, as well as the full list of rules, over at the official jam page over on Game Jolt. Huzzah!