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Presenting the IGF 2015 winners

Outer Wilds takes home the Seumas McNally Grand Prize

The Independent Games Festival's awards were held this past Wednesday, March 4th. This year's awards show started with 600 entrants, narrowing down on just over 30 finalists for the Main Competition. Who won? Keep on scrolling.


Metamorphabet - Excellence in Visual Art

Created by Vectorpark's Patrick Smith, this cute educational game that takes pokes, swipes, and other touch screen interactions and transforms letters into new forms, revealing an object that starts with that letter.

Tetrageddon Games

Tetrageddon Games - Nuovo Award

Tetrageddon Games is an exhilarating experience, from the second you go to their animated, sound making extravaganza of a site. The satirical collection of games not only is here to entertain you, but also is available in source code for anyone who wants to dissect the games and learn a thing or two about game development.

Ephemerid: A Musical Adventure

Ephemerid: A Musical Adventure - Excellence in Audio

Ephemerid: A Musical Adventure takes players to a world made solely out of paper, glass, and paint, introducing new objectives and challenges with each area. The music and sounds perfectly reflect and play in harmony with the events happening in the game, creating a musical world you can escape to over and over again.

80 Days

80 Days - Excellence in Narrative

80 Days is all you have to travel the world. This strategic iPhone/iPad game requires players to try to find the fastest route around the world, introducing them to a multitude of sights and characters that walk the planet.

Close Your

Close Your - Best Student Game

Close Your is unlike anything else you'll find out there, as are many of IGF finalists and award winners. A series of fragments of memories are presented to you, changing every time you physically blink in the real world, using your webcam. Every blink brings you to a new memory, and continues to tell bits of a story through the scenes as well as your own actions within.

This War of Mine

This War of Mine - Audience Award

This War of Mine places you in war, just like any other war game. However, instead of being the powerhouse rampaging through the land, you play as a group of civilians trying to stay alive as their homeland is overrun with soldiers, changing the places you once knew as comfort into war zone.

Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds - Seumas McNally Grand Prize and Excellence in Design

Outer Wilds looks to please anyone who wants to venture off into space and discover new worlds, secrets, and life that no one's ever seen before. Alien races and planets all have their own stories, for anyone who dares to find it.

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