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Game Jolt + PewDiePie Game Jam

72 hour Indies VS PewDiePie game jam starts November 21st

Game Jolt and PewDiePie team up to to host a 72-hour game jam, with the theme of "make a funny game." Participants must utilize the time provided over the weekend to create an original game that is "fun, silly, frustrating, surprising, bizarre, and hilarious." Jammers can request licenses for Unreal Engine 4 or Unity Pro through the instructions provided on the jam page, allowing them to have access to powerful tools to create wacky and amazing games.

Indies VS PewDiePie Promotional Artwork

The jam begins 12:00 AM November 21st, and ends 11:59 PM November 23rd. Voting begins 12:00 AM November 24th, with the deadline of 12:00 AM December 1st. All times EST.

For more information about the jam, including rules, please visit the official jam page.