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Unity 5.0 pre-order beta available

Pre-order customers can get their hands on the latest features

The ever expanding game engine has put the latest iteration in the hands of game developers world-wide. Unity Pro subscribers and pre-order customers are now able to upgrade to the 5.0 beta, unleashing new features and optimization into their game. Aside from the performance gain, Unity 5.0 also has a new 64-bit editor, an alternative to the usual 32-bit program. One of the features we at indie(Function); are most excited to get our hands on is WebGL deployment. The new platform allows creators to embed their games into webpages, requiring no plugins for the browser.

Unity has released new tutorials for the 5.0 beta, acquainting users with new changes to the software and features not previously available. Unity's YouTube page also has multiple talks given at conferences throughout the year which highlight other key features of the new version.

For more information on Unity 5.0 features, check out both the official features page and the beta release notes.

Source: Unity Blog