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distribute() alpha launches

Distribute builds and manage press lists with ease

Vlambeer's Rami Ismail, launched distribute() (pronounced 'do distribute') yesterday, a management system for press contacts, removing a lot of the hassle typically required when sending out builds to the press. With security in mind, the system encrypts developer's information and keys, while verifying press contacts to ensure games do not fall into the wrong hands.

distribute() allows developers to plug in keys for any platform (iOS, PSN, Humble, etc), storing them securely and promptly sending them to any press the developer wishes to contact. No more spreadsheets needed - distribute() even keeps track of how many keys you have left. The site is now open to the public for registration, allowing developers to register and get started. Not all features are currently available, as the site is in alpha. Over time, however, the site will boast more features, bringing it closer to Ismail's vision of the final site.

Registration for distribute() is completely free, and requires no more than a developer's name and email to sign up. Developers can also link their presskit() page with their account, simplifying setup even further.